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Tuesday, January 18, 2022

Ensenada, Mexico/ Day 15 - Cruising in the Times of COViD

Aloha Everyone,

Ensenada, located on the Pacific coast of Mexico, is the third largest city with a population of 557,430 (2020 Data). Only 76 miles south of San Diego, California, Ensenada in pre-COVID times welcomed more than 700,000 cruise passengers per year.

Meeting Alejando “Alex” Aguilar, a taxi driver with an extraordinary gift of healing, was the highlight of our visit. Alex, a large man who towered over J.J., was a kind, gentle soul and over the 45 minutes to see the blowhole, he shared with us information about his family, his work and his gift of healing which he was suddenly blessed with about 8 years ago.

While Alex was driving us to the blowhole, one of his clients phoned. The man has been in excruciating physical pain and he was asking Alex for help. Not wanting to wait any longer, the man drove his car on the only road to blowhole and waited for our return. 

The roadside rendezvous resulted in a makeshift clinic. It was amazing to see a man who was walking tilted to one side able to stand erect, walk briskly with no pain and bend over to touch the ground.

For doubters, this could look like the whole thing was planted but then, what for? With permission from Alex and his “patient,” I am posting several photos.

As to the blowhole which enjoys the fame of being the biggest among the three blowholes in the world located in Ensenada, Honolulu and Kiama, Australia, J.J. and I weren’t impressed. Our view point from the top only showed sprays and the roaring sounds  of waves.

Aloha -- Cathi