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Tuesday, January 11, 2022

Hilo, Hawaii / Day 8 - Cruising in the Times of COViD

Aloha Everyone,

Due to COVID, there is no shuttle bus to a nearby shopping center that has a Walmart. I felt sorry for the lady representing the Hilo Tourism office. To people’s question about free shuttle schedules there were no pleasing answers. Yes, we may be able to get a sticker to get onboard a free shuttle to Historic Downtown Hilo but then you must take a public bus to return. The bus will drop you off outside of the pier and the walk is approximately 15-30 minutes to reach the cruise ship. Too many loose ends, J.J. and I ended up waiting for a taxi for half an hour before getting one.

Taxi driver was very happy to see us sharing his woes and how bad the business has been. His repeated request from us to call him when we are ready to return. We agreed. He was not available when needed. We ended up waiting for another 45 minutes to get a taxi back to the ship.

I prefer solid ground to walk on. All the waiting time for a taxi meant more steps for me to walk. I ended up another day exceeding my daily 5 miles target.

Aloha -- Cathi