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Wednesday, January 12, 2022

Port of Kahului, Maui - Cruising in the Times of COVID

Aloha Everyone,

Hawaii economy as everywhere in the USA has been struggling due to the pandemic. While return of cruise ship could bring business to some tourism sectors, we witnessed desperation in trying to maximize business by taxi drivers.

On our way to Ka’ahumanu Mall, our taxi driver discredited the mall saying there is nothing there and talked other 3 people with whom we shared.the ride to go to Lahaina instead. She charged us $10 for a 5 minutes drive. The rest paid $180 for the Lahaina ride. On our return ‘to the ship, we shared our ride with another couple. The driver insisted that he will charge us individually. Once he received consent from us, the driver became friendly and talkative. J.J. and I don’t fault the driver to make hay when there’s opportunity. We realize that cost of gasoline in Hawaii is very high.  Unfortunately encounters with taxi drivers left bad taste in our mouths. I couldn’t help wonder if there was a better way to discuss expected fares.

Going to the Kaahumanu Mall gave me a chance to enjoy local farmers produce and get my walking done while J.J. had Starbucks coffee with fellow passengers.

Aloha -- Cathi