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Sunday, January 30, 2022

Follow-up Story about the Misadventures of Crystal Serenity Cruise

Aloha Everyone,

My sister’s friend has been busy keeping her chat group informed as to the latest developments of her Misadventures with Crystal Serenity Cruise

On my previous blog, the ship was supposed to dock in Aruba. Apparently, authorities in Aruba denied the ship from docking. 

Management of Crystal finally seemed to reach an agreement. The 500 plus passengers will be ferried from Bimini to Port Everglades. After spending a night in a hotel at Port Everglades, they will be flown back. In the case of my sister’s friend, she was to arrive at 4:00 am on Monday January 31 where her daughter will meet her at LAX.

Hopefully this is the end to these misadventures by Crystal Cruise Line.

Aloha -- Cathi