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Tuesday, January 24, 2023

Follow-up Appointments with Dr. Eufemio

Aloha Everyone,

After our initial consultations with Dr. Eufemio, orthopedic doctor, the two of us have been unbelievably busy. J.J. multitasked by taking care of me, preparing for our eventual move. As my leg muscles involuntarily stiffen, I am literally “walking walls” to move around in the unit.

Staff at our Makati Residences have been excellent, and one brought a wheelchair to our room and waited for me at the lobby to assist me get into a taxi. Small miracles happen every day. The taxi driver was gruff and didn’t know his way around. When he dropped off us at a curve of a busy intersection, J.J. got off the taxi and came around to assist me to get out. Then voila, my legs responded, and I stood up straight and was walking.

My X-rays are “perfect”. The pinch nerve is in my left pelvis. The condition is called acute, mild and non-chronic, which Dr. Eufemio calls as the “best kind”. I will have 3 sessions of physical therapy at our residence.

Aloha -- Cathi