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Sunday, January 8, 2023

Diana at the Sunday Legaspi Market

Aloha Everyone,

Three weeks ago, we first saw Diana’s signage advertising her specialty Bulalo, but she had none to sell. Diana promised to make them for me the following week. 

Three weeks have gone by including Christmas Sunday and New Year Sunday when all Legaspi Market stalls were closed.

Diana’s Bulalo is excellent. J.J. also purchased Arroz Caldo from her. When I asked her which province she went to spend Christmas, she smiled and whispered “Hong Kong”. Diana clarified that she went to Hong Kong for Christmas but couldn’t buy anything as the merchandise are too expensive. 

She also stated that she and her traveling companions had to get Rapid Antigen Test everyday during their stay. If the authority catches your non-compliance, she was told that there will be a HK$10,000 fine.

The two of us also have our favorite vendors for mangosteens, avocados, paella plus freshly baked bagels. It was a fun market day and we came back with sufficient provisions for 3 meals and breakfasts for the two of us.

Aloha -- Cathi