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Monday, January 23, 2023


Aloha Everyone,

Makati Med completed all the tests requested by the doctor. As soon as they handed the test results, I contacted Dr. Eufemio‘s office and were able to get an appointment for 11:45 AM tomorrow, Tuesday.

Funny story. We needed a wheelchair which Laguna Tower concierge provided. (They asked if we wanted to also use their ambulance.) Makati Med provided a wheelchair. I’ve been having serious pains. However, after they gave me electric shocks to determine the site of my pinch nerve, I was able to get up and walk.

The second part of the test, NYV was more interesting. I had two doctors plus a specialist who confirmed their readings of my chart plus two technicians attending. When I was told that it would be like getting an acupuncture, I had to say, “well that means a totally new experience.” After they stuck needles on my legs and back, I was ambulatory.  This was first time in two days. Our condo staffs looked pleasantly surprised. No wheelchair on our return and not even helping hands from J.J.

Aloha -- Cathi