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Thursday, January 5, 2023

“No Brand” Brand Merchandise

Aloha Everyone,

The fact the name is widely advertised as “No Brand” and have their retail stores within  shopping malls, shelf spaces are sectioned off within supermarkets as “No Brand” means they indeed are private label brand merchandising.

Based on our research, No Brand is a franchise from one of Korea’s largest retailers, Emart. Products are snacks, beverages, frozen food, Korean beauty products and home essentials.

Fashioned after “Muji”, the No Brand concept of Japanese products, E-mart Incorporated is South Korea’s largest retailer offering accessibility in multiple format. It has over 250 branches worldwide. Ownership in the Philippines is the same group who own and operate Robinson Supermarkets. Online shopping with free delivery is heavily promoted.

For example, I was looking for surgical quality, 3-layers face masks in different colors. Yes we have them but it must be ordered online. Could we get laundry soap in pods, yes but online only and so on. One has to have a local mailing address (not via Concierge at our condo) and ability to send and receive texting using a local number.

Aloha -- Cathi