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Sunday, January 29, 2023

Dinner at Alex & Tintin’s Home

Aloha Everyone,

It was an impromptu family gathering. Gabby, eldest son of Tony & Bambi came to pick us up at 5:00 pm for our 6:00 pm dinner.

Alex, the youngest of J.J.’s late brother Andy, works as an executive with Cebu Pacific Airlines. His wife, Dr. Tintin, MD works in the field of medical nutrition. The couple have 4 sons. Physically active family, I saw mountain bikes, snorkeling gear and weights stored in one of their spare rooms on a lower floor level.

Every time we gather, it seems there are always new things and new family stories to learn. Letty, now the matriarch of the Reyes clan, talked about other branches of the family. I learned that Joey Albert, a famous Filipino singer is a close relative. Another Albert is a respected statistician and economist. It seems we have just scratched the surface of this vast network based on family.

Tonight’s featured dish was Paella Negro (rice dish with squid & lots of squid ink) and Bulalo with other sumptuous competing dishes. For dessert, we had Dark Chocolate Cake from Mary Grace plus Salted Caramel Cake by special order from a baker friend.

Aloha -- Cathi