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Sunday, February 25, 2024

Chicken Pochero at Terttu & Richard’s

Aloha Everyone,

Pochero is Spanish-Filipino thick stew. It’s a one pot hearty dish and one of my favorite homemade dishes. Terttu knows I’ve been avoiding fresh uncooked vegetables so her chicken Pochero was loaded with veggies, beans, potatoes and saba, cooking bananas.

Though each one of us are dealing with some level of health issues, that didn’t stop us from enjoying Terttu’s homemade ice cream of fresh bananas and strawberries. Finale was a Black Forest cake from Goldilocks :-)

Today’s prevailing topic was the cost of health insurance. Richard and Terttu have international coverage with no limits as to countries and type of coverage.

Richard uses hearing aids and explained how he can control its volume effectiveness by focusing on large areas of the room, smaller groups or specific individuals. Richard tried to convince J.J. why he should consider getting them.

We discussed our upcoming travels and try to see if we could coordinate our next cruise. Somehow we lingered with hand holding and our farewell hugs were tighter as four of us reluctantly parted company.

Aloha -- Cathi