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Friday, February 9, 2024

Manicure & Pedicure

Aloha Everyone,

Too Glam to Give a Damn is a nail salon located on the 3rd floor of Ayala Mall. Among 3 other nail salons vying for customers, perhaps this unorthodox name had a lot to do with me choosing them.

We asked for a 10 am appointment which is the time when the mall opens. The receptionist told us that the technician is stuck in traffic so she will be a little late. Yes, after two months plus in the Philippines, J.J. and I are accustomed to being asked to wait.

The technician arrived 30 minutes later but then it was all business. She took care of J.J.’s manicure then mine and then moved to do my pedicure and J.J.’s. She devoted a solid hour each for us. 

The charge by the salon was 1,000 pesos for both manicures and pedicures. (US $17.86). J.J. gave her a 500 pesos tip (US $8.93). This is equivalent to a day’s work for a laborer. She was totally unaware that we would be so generous. 

She couldn’t hide her huge smile and came out to open the door for us and called out her thanks. Happy that we received a great service and happy that we were able to make her come to work in heavy traffic worthwhile.

Aloha -- Cathi