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Saturday, February 17, 2024

Revisited Ayala Center Mall

Aloha Everyone,

It was sunny and bright and hot this morning. The cab we took was newer with AC. There were seatbelts but the buckle was hidden and thus unusable. Maintaining my positive attitude can be like Zen training.

Ayala Center Mall is bigger than the Ayala IT Park Mall. One can go around each floor using escalators and it’s a good walk. 

Approaching lunch time, J.J. was starting to look for a new restaurant. I was looking for something that we both liked and relatively healthy. West ended up going to an old standby. At Italianni’s, the dish we were looking for was not on the menu. Not to give up so easily, we showed photos I had taken to our server. She said that it was taken off the menu, but due to the popular demand, pasta with halibut can be ordered.

It was excellent! J.J. and I might go back once more before the two of us return to Makati.

Neither one of us could recall the exact place where I purchased my tiny shoulder bag. No name or manufacturer’s info is available. It’s made of a rough leather. It is heavy and the straps are too long. It is a time for me to upgrade.

New cross body bag I purchased at The Travel Club Store has a JanSports label. The cost was 2,500 pesos or less than US$50. I will make good use of it.

Aloha -- Cathi