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Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Cumpleaños Feliz, (Happy Birthday)

Aloha Everyone,

Faculty and students gathered during our study break to celebrate the birthday of the director of the school. He is a quiet, reticent man and looked embarrassed by all the attention.

After the singing of Cumpleaños Feliz, (Happy Birthday) we were served slices of chocolate cake which was delicious.

Roger is from Berkeley, CA and retired. He and his wife are visiting Cuenca for a month.

Dirck is from Boston. He has a Hawaii connection via his mother's family. His grandfather, Hamilton Pope Agee was the director at the Experiment Station of the Hawaiian Sugar Planters' Association.

We had an excellent lunch at a small restaurant called Brasserie. Posted Menu del Dia turned out to be the best prefixed lunch we had thus far in Cuenca.

All this for $5.95 per person inclusive of tax and service.

On our return back to the apartment, we stopped at the fresh market to replenish our refrigerator with more familiar fruits.

Aloha -- Cathi