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Sunday, April 12, 2015

The Old Town and New Town

Aloha Everyone,

The river Tomebamba separates the Old Town (El Centro) located on the upper plateau and the New Town section below. It is a very rapid flowing energetic river that runs through the entire city of Cuenca.

Greenbelts are established along both the Old Town and The New Town sides of the river. Today the weather was perfect with the day time high of 58 degrees Fahrenheit. People were out strolling, jogging, biking or simply enjoying the beautiful day.

Parque de la Madre is located on the New Town side. The Planetarium is located in this park. We made a note of visiting it another day.

Our next stop was McDonald's where it is known for excellent coffee and very clean toilet. McCafe's Cafe Americano was $2.20 for the 2 of us.

Our walk took us to the Millennium Mall, noted for its many US brand fast food restaurants.

The stone steps in the Old Town leading to the River was being cleaned. We counted 82 steps.

Happy to return to The Old Town via Puento Mariano. Moreno.

Here are some things we noticed about Cuenca:

1). Streets of Cuenca are generally safe and clean. The government employs street cleaners who are often seen sweeping the streets.

2). Police men and women wear starched uniform to direct traffics and assist tourist find their way. Today they were wearing the ceremonial white uniforms.

3). J.J. and I have yet to see homeless people or beggars. We were informed that in Cuenca people take care of their families. They do not cast away their weak and lost.

4). One negative thing about the city is graffiti. They are all over the place defacing beautiful, historical buildings. We understand that they are non-gang related but rather personal or political statements. 

AKELARRE is a tapas restaurant. Tapas, originated in Spain, are snacks or appetizers either eaten hot or cold.

We shared Bergara, (fried eggplant) with olive oil and tomatoes; Calamares a la Romana; and Canarines al Aijillo (garlic shrimps).

Today is Sunday and many restaurants and stores were closed. J.J. and I went out on another walk before settling in for the evening of dinner at home.

Here is J.J. carrying out daily requirement of drinking water.

We are definitely happy to be in Cuenca.

Aloha -- Cathi