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Monday, April 6, 2015

iPhone Problems and Sunset Grill Restaurant

Aloha Everyone,

About two days ago when I started to see text messages informing me that my iPhone storage has been maxed out. I deleted nearly all of the photos and videos but did not impact the available storage space. It was explained to me that my iPhone did not recognize that I have been deleting photos.

After a five hour of wait, Argentina, an Apple technician at the Apple Store, solved my problem by resetting my iPhone. Now my iPhone has sufficient storage space and the camera is functioning.

If you are reading this, Argentina, thank you again for your help and namaste!

However, in the process of resetting my iPhone, my personal village of "Clash of Clans," was also deleted! I was extremely nervous that my last nine months of playing the game might have been zapped completely! Fortunately, one of my clan members assisted me in the recovery of my village and all is well and I am happy,

The following photos were taken by J.J. at Sunset Grill Restaurant at Knights Key where we celebrated Easter Dinner with about 100 other restaurant guests. Evening was clear with gentle sea breeze blowing . We sat by the pool watching children splashing and having fun. Musical entertainment was provided by an accomplished vocalist/guitarist with a base guitarist.

However what contributed and made the entertainment very special was the dancer who moved about to the rhythm of the Caribbean-style music. He was wiry, nimble and light on his feet. He moved about as if he was not touching the ground. He would hold poses that are even challenging for advanced Ashtanga Yaga practitioners. In another words, it indeed was a night to remember.

Aloha -- Cathi