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Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Naples to Miami

Aloha Everyone,

From Naples, we switched to Highway 29 to Cornestown. The road runs parallel to Big Cypress National Preserve. Most exciting were several road signs warning us about Panther Crossing. I was busy scanning both sides of the highway and had my iPhone ready to snap a picture.

The scenery was monotonous with the same green foliage on both sides of the road. From Cornestown, we took Highway 41 through the Tamiami Tribal Land  cutting through one side of the Everglades National Park. I-75 N towards Miami is a toll road using Sunpass. For some motorists, it seems that when they pay, speed limits do not apply to them. It was tense driving for J.J. especially after witnessing two multi-vehicular accidents with mangled cars smashed into concrete medians. I prayed that there were no fatalities and the victims will make full and speedy recoveries.

We checked in at a commercial RV park in Pembroke.  It has many mature trees providing shade for squirrels, chipmunks and birds.  

The unexpected sighting was a large iguana as J.J. was parking Honu.  It was sunning himself when I approached to take photos. He quickly scrambled up the trunk of a large tree where he could have a "bird's eye view" of  Honu. The iguana is the caretaker's pet.

Hollywood Park East is an affluent neighborhood and the only resemblance to the more famous city of the same name in California are beautiful palm trees. J.J. and I were able to get some work done at a FedEx store in Hollywood including mailing the Ecuador travel itinerary to our family.

The remainder of day-light hours were spent doing our laundry.

Aloha -- Cathi