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Friday, November 11, 2016

Happy Veteran's Day!! - Commuting Between Torrance to San Diego, CA

Aloha Everyone,

There are 112 miles of driving distance door-to-door between my Mother's house to our son's home. Since our return from Italy, J.J. and I have been commuting between these two places. By the time we return to my Mother's next week, we would've driven Honu nearly 500 miles.

Today, being Veteran's Day, there was very heavy traffic on the San Diego freeway.  

J.J. decided to exit the freeway at Oceanside and take the Pacific Coast Highway. The traffic was worse, but the view improved with the ocean on one side.

One of our objectives was for us to look for a restaurant. Passing Carlsbad State Beach to South Carlsbad State Beach, we saw many charming small eateries unfortunately, none with a parking lot or street parking large enough to accommodate Honu.

Finally, noticing that several cars were parked on the sandy slope along a railroad track, J.J. parked Honu. 

La Especial Norte Mexican Restaurant in Encinitas was packed. Grateful that we found a table and gracious service, the two of us were very forgiving for the slowness of the service or the compromised quality of the dishes we ordered.

Great evening at our son's home. Our daughter-in-law prepared Chicken Marbella, pasta, tossed green salad with 9 ingredients including absolutely delicious Heirloom tomatoes. Dessert of pumpkin pie, fresh persimmon, Asian pear with Brie Cheese followed. Guests, their friends, Larry and Jean, the former also our son's colleague, were delightful and engaging. We exchanged many travel stories and covered the subject of our democratic government.

Aloha -- Cathi