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Monday, November 21, 2016

Fix My Sprinter

Aloha Everyone,

One of the main reasons for choosing the model of our motor home was its engine reliability. Therefore when Honu's dashboard began to show a warning light count down that we have only 10 engine starts remaining, we had to take swift action. J.J. knew that the problem is related to Honu's exhaust system. Use of Diesel 2 for fuel, we are required to add a chemical called DEF to minimize pollution. There are no instructions on what to except if a problem surfaces, you need to take the vehicle to a dealer.

J.J. found "Fix My Sprinter" in Gardena, CA. To mitigate farther problems, J.J. kept Honu's engine running until we were able to drive to the repair shop.

Lenny's family is originally from Latvia. The business began by his parents is now run by Lenny and his friend, Dani. After doing diagnostics, they were able to determine the problem. We are hopeful that they will take good care of Honu as J.J. and I plan to continue our RV lifestyle for many more years.

Here is a gentle lady, Anna, who is Lenny's mother.

The repair is expensive and it's a common problem with Sprinter engines. Several online groups are threatening class action lawsuit.

Our lunch, a take-out from Eatalian Café in Gardena was also a nice find. Calzone, which J.J. enjoyed and my green salad with Mozzarella cheese was authentic Italian.

Aloha -- Cathi