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Sunday, November 20, 2016

Wonderful Visit With Cousin Ricky

Aloha Everyone,

From Black Canyon City to Phoenix, we took Interstate 17 South to 101 East. J.J.'s cousin Ricky and his wife, Farah, were waiting for our arrival with wonderful home cooked meal. Farah is an excellent cook and for today, she prepared roast pork with baked and mashed potatoes for everyone and a large sumptuous vegetable and fruits salad for me.

For dessert, we were treated to the L. A. Burdick chocolate mice. They are all natural, handmade chocolates. Individual mice was more charming to look at than to consume.

J.J. and Ricky have known each other all of their lives. They were also high school class mates. Conversation flowed freely among the four of us and we enjoyed and relished our time together. Promising a return visit soon, J.J. and I were back on the road eager to put a couple of more hours of driving before the expected rain.  

Interstate 10 West turned out to be a good choice of route to take as the Sunday traffic was light. However when we started to look for an RV park, the two of us encountered challenges. There were only a few rundown places. On the other hand, sudden rainfall and gusty wind cleared pollution and we enjoyed ever changing colors, clouds and the sunset.

Tonight we are staying at an RV park in Desert Spring just outside of the Joshua Tree National Park in California.

Aloha -- Cathi