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Monday, November 28, 2016

My Body Training Program

Aloha Everyone,

I have been fascinated about rock climbing ever since J.J. and I saw climbers up close and personal at Maple Canyon in Utah. During Thanksgiving dinner, one of our son's friends offered to take me to an indoor rock climbing wall.
Based on J.J. and my travel schedules, we tentatively agreed to attempt my first wall climbing sometime in early  2017. This means I have at least 5-6 weeks to train my body.  

From initial online information search, it seems that my yoga and qui-gong exercises are a good way to start as most trainers suggest that one need to:

1) increase muscle, tendon and bone strength
2) increase durability of related soft tissues
3) to increase flexibility
4) to increase blood flow
5) to correct muscular imbalance and finally 
6) to toughen the skin

My granddaughter is practicing her push ups as part of the required training for Tang Soo Do. I am up to 8 consecutive per session. I also am going back to my juggling practice to strengthen my arm muscles.

Cracking nuts using a cracker is also another way to increase muscle, tendon and bone strength as well as
provide protein for my body.

Aloha -- Cathi