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Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Tennessee, Mississippi to Alabama

Aloha Everyone,

Interstate 40 toward Memphis was heavily congested with large long-haul trucks vying for space. However once we were on I-22, road quality and condition improved noticeably. Honu was able to maintain 68 mph, a little shy of maximum 70. No picnic area, rest stops on the interstate highway either in Mississippi or Alabama.

After six hours of nearly continuous driving except for a brief lunch stop on the road, we were very grateful to see the Cracker Barrel sign.  his restaurant chain has become both familiar and a comfortable place for us. We parked Honu in the parking lot for bus and RV and took a much needed one hour long nap.

Feeling refreshed we went back on the road. Finding no quality RV parks along the interstate, J.J. and I checked in at the Econo Lodge in Oxford, AL. What attracted us was ease to park Honu, and their large banner. I am also curious about Yellow Bird yoga studio located just across the street. But since it shares the same building with Liquor King, I think I will pass.

Room is standard motel though it's nice to stretch in a king-size bed. J.J. is happy catching up with TV news.

Aloha -- Cathi