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Monday, April 24, 2017

To Fort Lauderdale

Aloha Everyone,

Georgia has been the leading pecan-producing state in the U.S.A.

The pecan is a large tree which grows to 66–131 ft widely spreading its branches to 50 ft on average. A pecan belongs to hickory genus which means it is not really a nut but a fruit. While visiting a market near Manila, I learned that peanuts grow underground and it is also not a nut but belongs to genus of legume, like peas.  

Large billboards beckoned us to stop and check out Adcock Pecans and Peanuts. There were so many varieties of "nuts" on display. J.J. and I selected some to mail to my Mother who just returned from her 10 days trip to Japan.

Some towns are perfect place for us to stop and get things done. After our gift shopping, we went to Walmart to purchase provisions; loaded diesel; found a place for lunch; and took a nap. By the way,  "Oishii" meaning tasty or delicious was an interesting establishment. This restaurant was our lunch stop. You select your ingredients then the cook will grille it for you. The staff all appeared to be Westerners. J.J. told me that his dishes had no resemblance to Japanese food. It was more Chinese. I have become flexible when it comes to dining out. I enjoyed my house salad with no dressing and Vietnamese vegetable spring rolls.

The two of us are in Florida heading to Fort Lauderdale where we will be going on a cruise to the Caribbean. I will write more about it in my upcoming blog.

From I-75 South, we took I-10 East and are staying at Lake City RV Resort in Lake City. The owner proudly informed us that since he acquired the business two years ago, many upgrades have been made. Facilities include a large club house where he invited us to help ourselves to coffee and snacks. It is well appointed and so are the restrooms and showers.

The man using his mobile phone under a net intrigued me. I wondered if mosquitoes and other insects only attack his face and not the rest of his body.

Aloha -- Cathi