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Thursday, April 27, 2017

Getting Ready for Our Caribbean Cruise

Aloha Everyone,

We have 2 days to get ready for our cruise on Saturday. J.J. finds cruising a break from being on the road. I just love it!

Doing laundry was on top of our "things to do" list. To avoid mid-day heat, we tackled this weekly task early and finished before 11:00 am.

Drive to downtown Hollywood, Florida took us less than 20 minutes. J.J. and I like the "circle" a circular route that takes you in and out of downtown restaurant area.

Cabo Blanco serves Cuban and Peruvian dishes. It was an excellent choice. The calamari appetizer served on a bed of salad with 3 different sauces was amazing! I preferred it over my red snapper with peppery black beans. J.J. had lechon asado (pork dish) but said it was just okay, nothing extraordinary. I think after the calamari, other dishes paled in comparison. Stylish and handsome waitress, Natalia, was not Cuban or Peruvian, but from Bogota, Columbia.

Post office to mail the package full of Georgia pecan to my Mother followed by a stop to FedEx to get prints of the travel documents for Carnival Cruise. I had a nice chat with Margaret who was also patiently waiting for assistance in the FedEx office.

Three nights ago we used our portable heater in Honu. Since arriving here, we've been running Honu's AC.  

Aloha -- Cathi