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Monday, May 21, 2018

Hike with Gail, Visit with Jeff & Paula from Texas

Aloha Everyone,

At 6:30 am, I was ready to go on a hike with Gail, the owner of Red Ledge RV Park. J.J. and I met Gail 4 years ago and established an immediate friendship. For one thing, her daughter was working with our daughter-in-law in Hawaii at a veterinary hospital. Digging out of the rare Mother’s Day snowstorm of May 2014 was another common thread we share.

This was going to be a new hiking adventure — potentially encountering  sunbathing rattlesnakes. However Gail decided to choose an easier trail. Not knowing my level of hiking ability, she didn’t want to be responsible in dragging me down the hill. Being an experienced hiker, Gail also feels that I should wear hiking boots and take a pair of walking sticks as well. Coming downhills would be very slippery with the terrain made of loose pebbles and rocks. Being a former competitor in martial arts, I must admit that Gail is fit. Much more so than I am.

Jeff and Paula from Texas have been living in their RV for 6 months and loving it. 40 feet in length and 8.5 ft in width, the RV is their home on wheels. It is enormous! They graciously invited us to come on board from their private patio equipped with an entertainment center and a bar. Their RV can accommodate up to 8 persons, but Jeff impishly smiled and said it really is meant for 2.

Retired from a computer tech job, he seems to relish this new chapter of a less stressful, unhurried lifestyle. “Nothing to do and all day to do it” is their current mantra. Jeff and Paula continue to take delight living in their RV. They would like to continue as long as they are healthy and are not tired of it. That sounds a lot like us.

Aloha -- Cathi