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Monday, April 20, 2020

Paper Towel

Aloha Everyone,

During this unprecedented Coronavirus lock down, many of us are faced with shortages of what we consider as essential household items. Have you noticed how the previously taken for granted lowly stature of paper towels suddenly rose to its heights of importance?

So what did people use before paper towels became commonly available?

Paper towels origin dates back to 1878 when two brothers from Philadelphia founded a business, The Scott Paper Company.  If you are interested in the history, please click here:

J.J. and I are guilty users of paper towels. When we live in Honu, paper towels are handy and convenient way to keep the interior and exteriors clean. Even when we go on extended stays in overseas destinations, one of the first items on our local shopping list is paper towels. In most countries, cloth towels are more commonly used and reused.

So when a package of paper towels was dropped off by my daughter-in-law’s friend, who was able to purchase it at Costco, we cheered!  “Hurrah for paper towels!”

Aloha -- Cathi