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Saturday, March 27, 2021

Adventure in Life Quotes by Dr. Debasish Mridha

Aloha Everyone,

Some of our friends reacted to our news of going to Ecuador with words of caution and warning. The word “brave” appeared several times in their communication.

Dr. Debasish Mridha is board certified in Neurology and Sleep Medicine. He is also a poet and author. I was recently introduced to Dr. Mridha’s work via one of the online psychology class I took.

I thought of sharing a few of his quotes on how he regards life.

“The biggest and grandest adventure in life is life itself.”

“Make enthusiasm a way of life.
Make optimism a way of success.
Make gratitude a way of happiness.”

“Every Day of life is an adventure. Don’t fear to dare and never forget to enjoy it.”

“Life is a daring adventure towards an unknown future. It’s beauty depends on how much you enjoy the journey.”

“People will not remember what you did for living. They will remember how you touch them with kindness and loving.”

Aloha -- Cathi