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Saturday, March 6, 2021

Audubon Zoom Class: How and Why to Keep a Birder's Field Journal with John Muir Laws

Aloha Everyone,

Today’s Audubon zoom class was, from the technical point of view, only 50% successful. I connected using one of the toll free numbers that were provided. However in hindsight, I should’ve access the meeting via the Zoom app instead of via phone call.

Audio was in excellent quality and the instructor, John Muir Laws, explaining what he was attempting to draw, including specific types of pencils and what he is trying to accomplish were very precise and descriptive. John spent a great deal of time sharing his knowledge how our visual memory are not too reliable. That is we tend to make modifications based on our own knowledge and past experiences.

John’s techniques in how to remember specific colors and shades, the positioning of a bird’s body were all useful.

Focused my concentration on his spoken words was also a practice in mindfulness.

Aloha -- Cathi