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Tuesday, February 22, 2022

Fuerte Amador, Panamá

Aloha Everyone,

Fuerte Amador is located on the Pacific side of the Panama Canal. A small port, it is too shallow for Emerald Princess to dock. Passengers were tendered to and from the port which took between 20 to 30 minutes.

Elena presented herself to us as we stepped outside of the terminal. We liked her pleasant demeanor and firm determination to get our business. We agreed on her terms and conditions. Tour of the Old City followed by the New Panama City.

We requested that she leaves the air conditioner due to the high humidity. Elena followed all highlights of the Old Town starting with the Presidential Palace (no access), the Plaza Mayor, Municipal Palace, numerous government buildings, churches, French and American Embassies, etc. Elena also pointed to us world class hotels, top restaurants and the Contemporary Museum of Art.

J.J. and I recognized at least one group of organized tourists from the Emerald Princess. Due to the heat and humidity, some were dragging their feet. We were happy with our choice of getting our own taxi and thankful for Elena’s service.

By purchasing refreshments (Coca Cola), the two of us had access to WiFi. We are now Eastern time zone. Very happy that we were able to speak with Jeff in Hawaii.

In addition to ongoing conversation on COVID variants, many of us are aware of major global events shaking sovereignty, political and economic stability. We have live satellite feed by major news organization including the stock market through CNBC. J.J. and I continue to be mindful and show our love and gratitude to our family and friends.

Aloha -- Cathi