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Wednesday, February 2, 2022

The Tamale Man

Aloha Everyone,

The corner of Carson Street and Western Avenue has a number of interesting ethnic eateries. For foodies who are looking to dive into pretty authentic and affordable dining, this area is worth noting.

One street corner is dominated by Korean specialty restaurants. A large Chinese restaurant commands another corner flanked by a Vietnamese place. Across the street is The Tamale Man, a Japanese noodle shop and more Mexican eateries.

J.J. and I’ve driven by numerous times but have not had a chance to stop due to limited street parking. This time it was different. There was a parking space available large enough for Honu.

According to J.J., their menu is quite extensive but for our first introductory meal, he chose a large plate of corn tamale with avocado slices, Mexican rice and refried beans. A huge and heavy (I estimate at least 2 pounds) meant for two people. It was tasty and satisfying. The size is sufficient for 2 full meals for J.J.

This is my lunch portion.

Aloha -- Cathi