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Friday, February 18, 2022

Two Unscheduled Events

Aloha Everyone,

Captain’s early morning announcement was subdued. A possible distressed fisherman was spotted. Law of the sea states that “If one sees a situation with someone potentially requiring help, you must turn around and give assistance.”  We were on the 15th floor and were able to witness the event. It seems that a fisherman on his small open fishing boat fell asleep which appeared as if he needed help. When the fisherman woke up, he must have been surprised to see over a 100,000 ton cruise liner stopping close to his tiny boat. All was well and we resumed our course.

The second unscheduled event was to drop off one of the passengers who fell seriously ill. Along with the members of the passenger’s family, they disembarked at Porto San Jose in Guatemala. Our prayers and best wishes to the passenger and his family.

Two enrichment presentations we attended, one on Puntarenas, Costa Rica followed by history of cruising in the First Century were time well spent.

Aloha -- Cathi