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Thursday, February 24, 2022

Cartagena, Columbia

Aloha Everyone,

Turbulent sea interrupted our sleep. Took 1/2 tablet of Dramamine. I tried to join J.J. for breakfast, but the boat was rocking too much. Instead, I ate a couple of soda crackers and 1/2 cup of dry Special K with black tea and I called it my first meal for the day.

Disembarkation was easy. Ocean breeze helped a little even though heat and high humidity convinced us to limit today’s activity to remaining in the aviary located next to the port with paid access to WiFi.

Except for one section of the aviary, where they are caged, all birds are “visitors.” They hang around for free food, no predators, sheltered existence, a good life.

While JJ and I sat and used the paid WiFi to reach our family and friends, a juvenile white-faced monkey hopped on our table and made a begging gesture. Imagine this perfect photo opp which I had to let go.

We met fellow passengers who went on a tour of Old Town Cartagena. Uniform comments were that it was too hot, too humid to enjoy. Too bad. On our previous visit to Cartagena, our ship docked at a different pier where the beauty of the city, the magnificent Fortress of San Felipe laid immediately in front of our eyes.

As our ship pulled away from the shores of Cartagena, we were able to see a section of an old fortress.

Aloha -- Cathi