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Thursday, October 13, 2022

Cordial Group to share Lunch & Dinner Tables

Aloha Everyone,

For our daily dining, we have several options. Starting with Horizon Court, Deck 14 Aft called World Fresh Market Place, where the two of us usually eat our breakfast.

For lunch, we ate at International Dining Room on Deck 6 Aft and chose Vivaldi Dining Room at Deck 5 Midship for dinner. Main menu items are pretty much the same. Since the two of us opted not asked for an assigned table, compatibility of our table mates are luck of the draw.

Safe subjects to discuss are cruising and other forms of travels, favorite destinations, favorite restaurants, favorite foods, family, children and grandchildren. Some of the people we met have an over a dozen grandchildren and great-grandchildren on their way.  As a rule of thumb, subjects we avoid are religion, political affiliation, ethnicity, current events both international and national, as well as our favorite news channels. What one does not say could reveal a lot about the individual.

Today’s diverse group of tablemates came from all walks of life and gave us insight to pieces of a larger puzzle which make up the United States of America. Someone asking, “Why are you wearing a mask? I never wore one and never got sick.” It was a strong hint regarding their political affiliation.

Aloha -- Cathi