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Wednesday, October 12, 2022

Hilo, Big Island of Hawaii

Aloha Everyone,

Serene views of lush green hills and Maunakea welcomed us to Hilo. With no pre-booking for a shore excursion, the two of us were going to “wing it” to make this a special day in Hilo.

Passengers trying to get a free shuttle to downtown Hilo was 4 line deep. We were handed a couple of free tourist maps, shuttle schedules and told that our waiting time is 90 minutes.

Queue to ride taxi were even longer. The pier, with no air circulation, high humidity and 89 degrees Fahrenheit was stifling. 

The sensible decision was for us to return to the ship and had beverages at the International Cafe on the Plaza level.

Things change quickly from relaxing morning to adrenaline rush. The elevator we rode was malfunctioning. It just kept on going up and down between floors but the door would not open. The two women riders who were in the same elevator started to show panic. J.J. pressed the emergency button. After the 3rd time, the elevator door was opened by a technician. We walked up the stairs to our cabin floor exclaiming, “Now that made our stay in Hilo more interesting.”

30 minutes to departure. After an early dinner,  we plan to attend “Showtime with Vocalist Dana Monique” in the Princess Theater.

Aloha -- Cathi