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Monday, October 17, 2022

Culinary Celebrities of Sapphire Princess

Aloha Everyone,

The dining room staff were all eager to have passengers attend the show and to witness their moment of glory. Going from table to table, they issued verbal invitations last night and this morning at breakfast for the Princess Cruises Culinary Show and entertainment.

The program was overhyped and oversold. The Princess Theater was packed. Truly better reception than some paid entertainers.

Giivanni Sisto, Executive Chef and Mario Propato, Director of Restaurant Operations tried to be funny as they prepared two dishes on stage. Unfortunately their jokes fell flat. Entertainment came in the form of two individual male singers and a group of dancers all comprised of restaurant staff. They were good. An enthusiastic woman in the audience commented that singers should go professional. The reality is it is not just the talent but manager and publicist who make contacts and opportunities. There are so many talented singers and dancers who support themselves by waiting tables.

Wall Street stock market rebounded. DOW ended the day up 550 points. Economists are still predicting a recession by the middle of 2023.

Aloha -- Cathi