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Tuesday, October 11, 2022

Maui Port Security

Aloha Everyone,

Arrived in Kahului, Maui on schedule. By 8:00 am, we were supposed to be going ashore. However, due to a shortage of port security personnel, it was not until 12:10 pm when passengers of Sapphire Princess finally received authorization to go down the ship’s gangway. J.J. and I are grateful that this situation didn’t occur on Kauai or Honolulu.

Early dinner in Savoy Restaurant. A couple who sat at the next table shared with us an interesting story about a fellow passenger they met. It is worth repeating here. The woman flew from Kauai to Los Angeles to board Sapphire Princess to sail to Hawaii. Her reason, “Just to get away.” In Kauai, she got off the ship, went home to check for mail and water her plants before returning to the ship.

Tonight’s variety showtime by comedian Mike Wood was a relaxing way to end our brief visit in Maui.

View of Maui from the Promenade Deck

Gluten free steamed asparagus

J.J.’s main course of Cajun Crockpot

Gluten free roasted chicken

Mike Wood

Aloha -- Cathi