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Sunday, November 27, 2022

Legazpi Sunday Market

Aloha Everyone,

We heard about two weekend Farmers Market from Marita and Dolores. But when we tried to ask for a taxi to take us, no one at our condo concierge or security staff heard of them.

Our taxi driver, a jolly man also has never heard of Legazpi Sunday Market. He drove to Legazpi Village park and told us, ”See there’s none. Shall we just go on a city tour?" J.J. instructed him to go around the park and drop us off and there it was, a big farmer’s market.

So many enthusiastic vendors representing multi-culture and ethnicity hawking their produce and cooked foods.  Equally amazing were buyers who purposely navigated narrow lanes making large purchases with their servants behind carrying ice chests.

Paella Valenciana, crab prepared in salt and garlic made for a sumptuous dinner — for J.J.

Aloha -- Cathi