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Wednesday, November 2, 2022

Disembarkation Day

Aloha Everyone,

Back in San Pedro, California. We had packed our two suitcases last night so after a simple breakfast, we were ready to leave the ship. Collecting our color coded luggages, walking though custom and immigration process is easy with the new facial scan. Officials no longer ask for your passport. 

We used Lyft to pick up Honu at the storage place. A stop at a self service car wash where JJ gave a quick rinse of Honu, removing dust and spider webs from the past 39 days. Stopped at OPTUM PCP’s office to set up a pre-op appointment for my next Cataract surgery scheduled for April 2023.

Walmart pharmacy was 3rd on our things to do listed. We got our 3rd COVID Pfizer booster. Our first card has no space left to write so we were given a second card. 

Next, to Tokyo Central to pick up J.J.’s lunch and dinner. My sister met us and gave me a large assortment of healthy food I can indulge for the next 7 days :-).

By the time we settled at our ESA room, the two of us unpacked just one suitcase before calling it a night. Too exhausted to unpack the second one.

Aloha -- Cathi