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Monday, November 21, 2022

Morning Walk on the Elevated Walkways

Aloha Everyone,

From our residential condo building, there are elevated walkways that takes you all the way beyond the Ayala Greenbelt. Rainy morning with heavy traffic, we followed the signs and took a leisurely walk to as far as we could navigate without taking staircases.

The two of us encountered early morning runners, delivery people, office workers and some children being taking to school by their parents. Endearing sights and sounds made our one hour long walk tolerable.

There are three Greenbelt Residences buildings facing one another managed by a professional team. We experienced AC water leak and a mitigation team responded immediately. A pest control team inspected the unit within the last 2 days. Very attentive and professional. They have no access keys to private units and they showed up on time to assess the situations and returned to do remediation.

Trash room located on individual residence floors have large trash shoots. For recycling items such as paper products, plastic bottles and cans, we are asked to place them in large plastic bags and leave them in the trash room as indicated.


J.J. and I walked 2.8 miles and 4.5 miles respectively. Not bad for a rainy day.

Aloha -- Cathi