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Saturday, November 26, 2022

Small Indulgences

Aloha Everyone,

Rocky at Nespresso kiosk located inside Greenbelt 3 was extremely eager to make a sale. When he realized that J.J. is a potential buyer, he tried to promote individual flavors of Nespresso pods. Rocky in his enthusiasm even suggested that drinking 3 cups of coffee a day is too much :-). So as not to turn off J.J., I informed Rocky that my husband knows his coffee and it’s best to make him decide. Two packages of Nespresso box contains 10 pods. It comes to about US$ .70 per cup.

I have been drinking Genmai Cha with matcha powder. The product, imported from Japan cost about US$10 which is what I pay in a Japanese Supermarket in Torrance, CA.

These are small indulgences the two of us enjoy.

Too much Shaun-Shabu affected our stomachs. The two of us pretty much stayed in the condo trying to stabilize our digestive systems with crackers and bottled water.

I ventured out to 7-Eleven to purchase cans of Coke and 7-up. Two boiled eggs and a few other “safer” food came out to US$3.73. We joked that this was the cheapest meal we had so far since arriving in the Philippines.

Aloha -- Cathi