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Tuesday, November 8, 2022

Hello T-Mobile, Goodbye AT&T

Aloha Everyone,

Finally, after 3 days of frustration and wasted hours waiting to obtain required information, we are connected to T-Mobile. 

One of the main reason was due to our “foreign” driver’s license — South Dakota rather than California. We also have very high FICA score with added security. It seems businesses such as T-Mobile prefer that you have an average FICA score so they can offer credit terms.

Finally, the store along with two others, all under the same store manager, was simultaneously audited this morning without pre notification. The store manager disappeared into his office and employees shut the door and were non-communicative. Blessing is meeting Anthony, the Mobile technician. A young man, probably still in high school but certainly he knew what he was doing. He also instinctively had good customer relations. He kept on giving us updated information regarding his phone conversations and the progress he was making with the headquarters of T-Mobile. 

Our monthly charge with 55+ discount is $80.  It will remain the same unless we upgrade our devices.

Aloha -- Cathi