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Tuesday, April 25, 2023

Challenges in Obtaining US Passports

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According to a government passport agency site, it is now taking 10-13 weeks to get a new passport. To renew your old passport, the time frame is shortened. However, if you were age 16 or under when your old passport was issued, you have to apply for a new one with recent photo and updated information.

My niece was planning an oversea’s summer holiday with her 4 sons. They were all below 16 when the previous passports were issued. Just to get an appointment to apply, there’s 14 weeks of backlogs, according to the local passport agency office.

More than 42 percent of adult Americans will travel this year. This percentage equates to over 108 million people. No wonder, some cruises we considered were sold out. Despite increased cost for both domestic & international airfares & accommodations, the traveling public has a great hunger to go somewhere. Making up for the year lost to the pandemic is one of the reasons often cited. Uncertainty in the job market is another reason, especially for GenX who are trying to balance work and lifestyle.

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