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Thursday, April 6, 2023

Italian Cuisine

Aloha Everyone,

Italians are serious about their cuisine. Recent interviews with Alberti Grandi, a food history professor caused a huge outcry. His research claim is that many dishes do not originate from Italy. For example, carbonara which J.J. learned to make, actually comes from America.

Grandi also claims the best Parmesan cheese is from Wisconsin. And Italy does not produce the best olive oil.

Proximity of countries in the Mediterranean region, with people traveling back and forth, introduced cuisine which we now call Italian. 

The same is true as Italians migrated, bringing along their “homemade” recipes which were then modified, improved and changed.

J.J. prepared his version of carbonara handed to us by the late Paolo Borghese.  No cream sauce is added.  It is one of the simple, favorite dish for our family.

Aloha -- Cathi