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Sunday, April 23, 2023

Smokey, Everyone’s Mascot

Aloha Everyone,

Smokey was found nearly a year ago in the parking lot of ESA (Extended Stay America) Del Amo wearing a collar and leash, but no one minding her.

According to the woman who cares for Smokey, she went through a process of searching for the rightful owner. When no one claimed Smokey, the dog was taken to a vet to see if any ID tag was implanted. There was none. For now Smokey seems to have found loving team of caregivers, the daughter of the woman, the woman who is also a guest of ESA, and a group of front desk staff.

I usually have severe allergic reactions to any furry animals including dogs, cats and even birds.

Smokey’s charming disposition and wagging her tail with big eyes and pleading stares are too difficult to ignore. No.  I did not pet Smokey and I kept my distance but hopefully these photos will explain why so many residents and staff are volunteering to take Smokey for a walk.

Aloha -- Cathi