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Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Reuben Pastrami Sandwich from Buc-ee's

Aloha Everyone,

Today's lunch stop followed by a brief nap was at our favorite gas and convenience chain, Buc-ee's. The Reuben pastrami sandwich was excellent and also substantial. There was enough for two meals. Buc-ee's large restrooms are always kept spotless. Their selection of food is extensive and are reasonably priced. For our sandwich, we paid $7 each plus $1.79 for the crunchy "beaver" chips.

Diesel is $2.20 per gallon, one of the lowest in Texas. Diesel in California is close to $4.00. Yes, we along with many motorists in Texas love Buc-ee's.

Heavy traffic passing the outskirts of Houston on I-45.

The two of us have been on the road for 6 hours. Before it became nightfall, J.J. and I checked into an RV park located in La Marque, TX.  The park's online ads are far better than the reality. This would be a one night stay before we move on to Galveston.

Aloha -- Cathi