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Friday, January 13, 2017

From Fredericksburg to Choke Canyon State Park

Aloha Everyone,

Before we say Auf Wiedersehen to Fredericksburg, here are a few interesting facts:

1). Fredericksburg was founded in the mid-1800s by German colonists and named after Prince Frederick of Prussia.

2). Until World War 1, many residents spoke only German.  

3).  Behind California's Napa Valley, Fredericksburg is the second most-visited wine destination in the country. There are more than 39 wineries.

4). The unusual width of the Main Street goes back to the times of early settlers who provided the wide main thoroughfare so that a team of oxen, pulling a wagon, could make a U-turn.

5). The average summer temperature is 78 degrees Fahrenheit while the average winter temperature is 50 degrees

The two of us enjoyed a picnic lunch in Honu at a rest stop on I-37 South. Tonight we are back at Choke Canyon State Park. The temperature is 80 degrees and we are running Honu's air conditioner.  

Unexpected reunion with Alan, the serious birder/photographer and his wife, Michelle. Choke Canyon State Park is also where we first met Diane nearly a year ago.

Aloha -- Cathi