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Sunday, January 22, 2017

Oyster Shucking

Aloha Everyone,

High wind waning in effect. After driving out to check the boat launching pier and channels, Jim and Susan agreed to cancel our fishing trip.

At Clark's Seafood, Jim obtained permission for us to observe and for me to photograph oyster shucking. Oyster shuckers are seasonal workers and they are paid based on production. Watching a man open each shell using a small sharp instrument then emptying oyster in a bucket and tossing the empty shell onto a conveyor belt seemed like a physically challenging and accident prone work.

I always had an aversion to eating oysters. I suppose watching J.J. slurp raw oysters never appeared appetizing. 

Jim purchased very plump oysters packed in a quart-size container for $20. He urged me to at least try one as Susan makes the best fried oysters.

To prepare, Susan washed the oysters thoroughly then sprinkled Blackened Seasoning, egg wash before she deep fried them in high heat.

I put one tiniest oyster on my plate and gingerly took a bite. I must admit, it tasted like a fish and it was delicious. One should refrain from forming an opinion about a food until one tries it.

Aloha -- Cathi