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Thursday, January 12, 2017

Hamilton Pool Preserve

Aloha Everyone,

Hamilton Pool Preserve is a park in Travis County. A day use permit is $15. Since the 3 of us are over 60, we qualified for the senior discount and paid only $5 to drive in.

Hamilton Pool Preserve is part of the Balconies Canyonlands Preserve, a 40,428 acre system for endangered species.

A unique natural area is created by a collapsed grotto and canyon. The result is a large pool of water with a waterfall. It was a calming sight after a short but humid and precarious hike. Water quality is monitored regularly. Today, due to the high bacteria count, warning signs of "no swimming, no wading and no splashing" were posted.

We had our thank you and adieu lunch with Diane at Asian Garden restaurant in Fredericksburg. Cantonese style cooking catered to general American taste was satisfying. With hugs and promises to see each other at her next volunteer park, we parted company.

Aloha -- Cathi