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Saturday, January 21, 2017

Relatives and Neighbors

Aloha Everyone,

One can tell what someone's character is like is by how they treat their relatives and friends. Arrival of unexpected guests were embraced and welcomed by Jim and Susan.

Rudy and his wife, Veronica (Susan's cousin) and Johnny (also Susan's cousin) joined us for Saturday lunch out in the back patio. Susan prepared fried oysters and fish. (I will be writing a separate blog on oysters.) Veronica pitched in with coleslaw and mashed potatoes. I prepared fresh apple and cheese plate.

When the conversation among men became focused on fishing and hunting, the ladies retreated indoor to practice gentle yoga and breathing.

For dinner, Susan and J.J. cooked curry using elk meat from Jim's birthday hunt. Vegetable salad, blue cheese and pear, cherry-flavored agar-agar and preserved pear from Susan's pear tree completed our meal. The dinner guest were Pam and Ron. He is a native South Dakotan. The couple winter in Corpus Christi and return to South Dakota when the weather is pleasant.

Hospitable hosts, interesting company and delicious food, this indeed was a very memorable day!

Aloha -- Cathi