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Monday, January 1, 2018

New Year’s Family Gathering

Aloha Everyone,
Happy New Year! May this be a peaceful and joyful year for everyone!

The family gathered at my Mother’s home to celebrate the New Year. Group was lively and loving. Absence of Jeff and Jenny who are in Seattle and my sister, who was nursing her cold, were missed.  
It is so delightful, especially to observe the youngest generation of cousins getting re-acquainted with each other.

“Planning complex, beautiful meals and investing one's heart and time in their preparation is the opposite of self-indulgence. Kitchen-based family gatherings are process-oriented, cooperative, and in the best of worlds, nourishing and soulful. A lot of calories get used up before anyone sits down to consume. But more importantly, a lot of talk happens first, news exchanged, secrets revealed across generations, paths cleared with a touch on the arm. I have given and received some of my life's most important hugs with those big oven-mitt potholders on both hands.”
- Barbara Kingsolver, an American novelist, essayist and poet

My Mother with one of her 4 grandchildren, Marc and his wife, Lisa.  
Aloha -- Cathi