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Wednesday, December 11, 2019

First of 3 Sea Days - On Board Activities

Aloha Everyone,

Princess Patter, serves as a daily guide to life at sea. If we are in port, information on how to proceed to shore, immigration formalities, timetable for passengers to disembark and return are all detailed.

A wide array of activities are listed and for those who are looking for games, music, movies, seminars and other learning opportunities, one could literally get involved from 6:00 am onto midnight. There are also  various games, special interests gathering such as bible studies, music practice, knitters group, etc. And yes, I practice t’ai chi with a group.

For those who are into exercising, the Promenade deck is perfect for walking and running.

J.J. and I saw three performances by a tenor and cello duo. Both were excellent and their shows were truly appreciated by the audience.

Aloha -- Cathi